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Wireless Intercom System

Due to its nature, complexity and service, intercommunication systems have always been one of the products that have generated the most interest.

As you know, an intercommunication system aims to make it possible for several people to communicate instantly, allowing their synchronization without the interference of other equipment, people or sound. A concrete example would be that of a show in a theater.

The coordination between the different professionals (lights, sound, cameras, …) must be instantaneous to allow any task, in general of interdependent nature, to flow without interference and to achieve the optimal development of the show. This is where long-range¬†wireless intercom system for home come into play.

Whether it is a wicket door or wireless video wired telephone, the doorbell offering is big and confusing. Our Comparison of Door Intercoms from I would like to explain to you the most important aspects of the plants that exist and how they work in detail.

Like a telephone connection, such a system creates a connection between two subscribers. This can be done by cable or radio transmission. We also distinguish the intercom, in which it is possible to communicate similarly with a telephone connection and an intercom in which only one participant speaks alternately.Wireless-Intercom-System

In our Door Intercom 2019 comparison, we present a wide range of offerings from pure audio devices to comfortable Wireless Wired Telephone WLAN Function. Everyone has different advantages and disadvantages.

Use an entry system that leaves unwanted visitors in the rain

Whether representatives, religion or scams, not every visitor is welcome. By using a door intercommunication system, everyone can decide who is allowed to enter the apartment and for whom the front door is closed.

Unfortunately, there are no recommendations from such a renowned test institute, such as the Stiftung Warentest. The door intercom test was not there yet. That’s why we can not introduce the Door Intercom Winner. Finding the best door entry systems is easier than ever to compare pricing with reviews in each category. Find out what you have yourself a door intercom.