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Best Nerf Gun For 3 Year Old

Best Nerf Gun For 3 Year Old – Before we start talking about types and Nerf guns and bows, we are going to show you a comparative table of Nerf pistols where we will show you the best Nerf of 2018.

The comparison of Nerf pistols of the best that there is right now in the market, has been an option that has seemed complicated to us, since to value them when you would all score with a 10, requires a careful study of its important differentiating aspects.

But when evaluating these pistols we have taken into account things like the number of darts they shoot, the distance, the versatility, the weight, the price and the minimum age of use. We hope that this comparison of Nerf pistols will be very useful for you.


Types of Nerf Guns

Nerf guns can be divided in several ways. We are going to do it in the following three ways:

  1. Nerf pistols according to the type of ammunition
  2. Nerf according to the shape and size of the weapon
  3. Nerf pistols and arcs according to the Nerf collection to which they belong.

Types of Nerf Guns According To Their Ammunition

The Nerf shoot small colored balls, projectiles rounded darts of various sizes, discs, arrows, water and cars (yes yes, you read it well, cars).

We are going to show you some examples of each type of ammunition, so that you are aware of what you can market in the market.

  • Nerf launchers pistols: they are the best known, the first ones that began to hit hard in the market, and are still the Nerf guns sold today. 
  • Among the projectiles that can be found in the market we have the traditional fines, although there are models of the Nerf that use larger projectiles, such as Mega.

The Best Nerf Guns Of 2018

At the beginning of our page we told you that we were going to answer you to questions such as what is the best Nerf in the market, or which is the Nerf that shoots the furthest, and it is something that we have in mind and what we are going to do now.

We are not going to choose a single model among all the Nerf that there is to stand out as the best, because it is clear that not all users are looking for the same thing. That is why we are going to show you three of the models that we consider to be, today, the best Nerf pistols of 2018.

Rival Khaos Mxvi-4000

  • It is a slightly heavy gun, because its 3 and half kilos are not designed for people with little strength.
  • Even so, the Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 is one of the best Nerf ball guns, perfect for making incredible battles between friends.
  • It is a motorized Nerf that can fire up to 40 high impact cartridges, at a speed of 30 meters per second.
  • Of course, keep in mind that this gun is not designed for children under 14, not only because of its weight, but also because of the intensity of the shot it has.

Mega Mastodon Lanzadardos

Are you one of those who ask you which is the Nerf with greater range? Well this is one of the Nerf that shoots Amazon the furthest.

  • It is not the only Amazon model that reaches 23 meters, but we do consider that it is the one that gathers the best characteristics of all of them.
  • This spear caster is the first fully powered Nerf Mega launcher. A Nerf with a rotating drum of 24 Mega darts that shoots easily and quickly.
  • To be able to use it to the Mega Mastodon with greater comfort, it is equipped with a strap to hang it from the shoulder, since it is a large 3.5 kilos gun.

An incredible toy weapon for children over best nerf gun for 3 year old

The Best Nerf Gun Modulus Regulator

We have already talked about it in the Nerf Modulus section, but here we are going to tell you why we believe we are in front of one of the best Neft in the market.

Thanks to the fact that it is a Modulus, you will have the option to mount the gun as you like, and, thanks to that, you will have multiple shots: simple, fast or automatic.

Best Nerf Gun For 7 Year Old

Best Nerf Gun For 7 Year Old – What Nerf do I buy? This may be the million dollar question since Nerf types are as many as you can imagine and the wishes of the children who will use them are even more.

Some just want to know which Nerf is better, or which Nerf gun is the most expensive to be able to show off in front of friends.


Others, on the other hand, only look for power and distance and for that reason they want to know which is the most powerful Nerf gun, or which is the Nerf with the most range.

You, as a parent, may want to know which is the cheapest Nerf, or which Nerf is the most sold.

On our page we will try to answer all the questions you may have, but we advise you always, given the huge variety of models that are on the market (of which we are going to talk about in the next point) consult the person to which is going to be aimed at the gun or the bow, so that you buy just what you expect, or your gift may touch bone.

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying the Best Nerf Gun For 7-Year-Old

But before you decide to buy a Nerf, we think you need to know some aspects of these guns so you can make a good purchase and that the use of it is as safe as possible from the person or person who will use it.

  • Recommended minimum age: this is a fact to keep in mind before buying a Nerf gun. 
    Many parents do not look at this point when they go to make the purchase, and when they have it at home they realize that, although it is a toy gun, it is too powerful for the child who has been bought. 
  • Many of the Nerf we have seen have a recommended minimum age of 6 or 8 years, but there are others, such as the Nerf N-Strike RaptorStrike Elite, whose recommended age is over 14 years and there are even models that are directly for adults.
  • Size:  to the children who buy a Nerf, surely they are delighted with what you buy them the biggest that there is in the market, but weigh well if this option is the most reasonable.
  • A large Nerf pistol,  if bought for a small child, can be a nuisance at the time of use and is usually one of the main reasons why the gun ends up being in a corner shortly after being used for the first time. 
    Consider the size of the child or teenager to whom you are going to buy the Nerf gun, and consider whether it is worth buying a large Nerf or a smaller and more manageable Nerf.
  • Weight:  next to the size, but it is another of the important things to take into account according to the age and size of the person to whom it is addressed. 
    Some models have built-in belts to hang the Nerf on the shoulder for better handling, but even so, for a small 8-year-old child, it can be difficult to carry more than 3 kilos of weight for a long time.
  • Shooting distance: at this point, along with the following, are two of the points that most interests the kids at the time of buying a Nerf. 
    And it is clear that it is not the same to shoot a dart at 5 meters, then at 50, so the shooting distance is a fact that you have to take into account at the time of making the purchase.
  • A number of projectiles that can be loaded:  and the same with the number of darts or projectiles that are going to be able to load in the pistol, to then shoot them. 
    It is clear that the level of fun of these toy thrower guns is very proportional to the number of darts followed that can be shot with it. 
    To be a toy repeater gun as God intended, nothing like buying a Nerf with charger, so that it is just a matter of placing it and pulling the trigger until the bullets are finished.
  • Use batteries:  look at the specifications, if you do not want to take a surprise when you have the gun at home and it turns out that the child can not use it because you do not have the right batteries to work. 
    Batteries are usually necessary for Nerf multidisparos motorized pistols because when recharging alone they need that little help from the external batteries.
  • Amount of ammunition included in the price: we must bear in mind that it is very easy to lose the ammunition for the use that is given to the Nerf, or that it deteriorates with the passage of time, and we must be honest, It is not cheap to buy it. 
    For this reason, if you doubt between two models more or less equal, with prices more or less similar, it may be the amount of ammunition that accompanies the gun the turning point that leads you to buy one or the other.

Best Nerf Guns For 5 Year Old

Best Nerf Guns For 5 Year Old: One of the newest and most interesting models. Perfect for gymkhana or to defend against a zombie invasion. The Zombie Strike RevReaper includes a 10-dart charger; Zombie Strike darts in green, compatible with the rest of the Nerf darts. Includes security system and the charger is connected to the top of the rifle. It is a very unique recharging system, available only in two more Nerf models.

Best Nerf Guns For 5 Year Old



We started with the most interesting models for summer, one of the best Nerf water guns. To soak the whole family and friends! Belonging to the Nerf Super Soaker line, the Soakzooka is the perfect weapon to literally soak rivals. Shoot a large jet of water several meters away. Its size is not a coincidence since it includes a really big tank. In it, you can store up to 1.6 litres of water to shoot. Few pistols in the market include this capability.

Twin Tide

Smaller, but just as effective, thanks to its two shots. The Twin Tide by Nerf Super Soaker includes a more functional 975-millilitre tank. In addition to achieving a good shooting distance, the interesting thing about this weapon is that, with a tank, it is capable of feeding and firing two jets of water at the same time, wetting the rivals much more.


Nerf Super Soaker DartFire is one of the models that simulate the most classic pistols of the brand. The company has incorporated both darts and water shot in a single blaster. Of course, it includes two launch systems, one for water and one for darts. You can change the way you want, to surprise friends and family. At the top, we can see the access to the water tank, as well as an area to store up to five darts.

Best Nerf Guns For 8 Year Old

Best Nerf Guns For 8 Year Old – Spring, summer and autumn are the best dates to play with Nerf. While it is true that rubber bullets allow us to play inside and outside the house all year. But the good weather is appropriate to organize games with the Nerf in parks and gardens. Gincanas and battles between several players with which, sure, you will have fun. In this article we review the best NERF pistols of both rubber and water bullets, currently available. Nerf Super Soaker maybe more appropriate for summer, and Nerf to enjoy practising marksmanship. Always with the guarantees

The Best Nerf Guns For 8 Year Old


Apollo XV-700

We have a very eye-catching rifle, one of the best Nerf pistols. The Apollo XV-700 is charged by a charger with 7 shots that is connected by the lower part of the handle. This blaster comes equipped with a lock, which prevents the blaster from firing when not in use. The projectiles are round Nerf ammunition , made of high impact foam. They are faster, they aim better and, of course, they do not hurt when they hit.


It is one of Nerf’s newest blaster models. Belonging to the N-Strike Elite series, the SurgeFire fires Nerf foam darts. It is an automatic weapon, which has a rotating drum with fifteen darts capacity. In the most efficient mode, it is capable of firing 4 or 5 darts per second, although this feature can be regulated. If we shoot once a dart will come out, but if we keep pressing, the drum will be activated.


Also a very recent model of the N-Strike Modulus line. In this case, we will load the foam darts from one of the sides, counting on Nerf’s fast fire mode. The magazine has up to six shots capacity, before having to reassemble. It is compatible with Mediator Barrel and Mediator Stock accessories, sold separately, getting a very powerful and capable weapon. It will be perfect to win those summer gymkhana.

Helios XVIII-700

Another blaster of great presence and size, which children love. The Helios XVIII-700 launched under the Phantom Corps line has many similarities with the Apollo XV-700. The difference is that it is loaded with a bolt, and not by sliding the cover. It includes a trigger lock safety system and shoots high impact foam Nerf balls. It is loaded by the bottom part of the handle; up to seven shots with a single charger.

Best Nerf Guns For 4 Years Old

Appropriate size weapon

The way you control the weapon will be super necessary, taking into account, of course, the size and dimension, this will also depend on the position you have during the game, for example, those that cover the offensive part need small pistols, but if you are in the defensive area will need a heavier weapon.


Amount of ammunition

It is necessary to verify the time and determine an approximate calculation for the consumption of the bullets, as we know sometimes the battle may be lengthened, but always try to have additional ammunition so that this does not affect you or are points against you. In the case of offensive players they do need a lot of bullets, but in terms of snipers do not require many since the shots are very selective.

A good idea is to wear vests and bullets during the game, for it is taken into account the speed you have at the time of reloading and continue in the fight.


The worst thing for the opposing team is that you have a shotgun since the reach of these reaches more than 100 feet, so go ahead!

Double armament

They can be used as support for one another, without forgetting that manipulating two pistols at the same time is of another level; To reduce the impact a bit, we recommend using two light and small weapons, so that instead of being a burden, it is helpful during the whole battle, but do not trust yourself! The fact that you have the support of both does not mean that you have the war won.


Secondary support weapons

This weapon has to be loaded, so that you use it at the right time without complications, or wasting time, commonly the backing is usually smaller, so that they are easy to transport; the common use for these is when the main gun suffers some inconvenience.

Bow and arrow

The arrow has a range of more than 100 feet so it is classified as a very strong weapon, it attacks the opponents silently, besides having a millimetre precision and a great reach, they are super fast.

Machine guns

If you want to initiate a massive destruction, the best nerf gun for 4 years old should not be missing between your complementary weapon, they have a space for 25 darts, it has the advantage of being able to dissipate one dart per second approximately; It has a high cost, but if you are already at a more advanced level you should have it especially if you know about strategies; It is the perfect weapon for when you are at a disadvantage.

Flattened weapons

The positive of these is that you will never run out of shots, but they are not so common for some attacks. The axes or swords are usually robust and perfect to be used as a defence when the offensive is near.

Best Nerf Guns For 6 Year Olds

It was time to have the best nerf guns for 6 years old, which have revolutionized the market of modern toys with a variety of functions, but the excellent thing about this product is that it is not only for the little ones but also for adults.

This line has been responsible for creating different types of guns, to establish new adventures in each game, some are large ideal for fighting outside the home. The machine guns are very light which facilitates being adapted to different ages so that the challenges have no end.

It is worth mentioning that it is a safe toy since the darts it has been made of foam, that when it comes into contact with the skin or another surface, it bounces, so do not worry! your child will not suffer any damage, therefore will guarantee endless fun.


Over time this game has been evolving, the designs are not the same as those sold during the 90’s, therefore people who use them live a more real experience, in terms of loading, aiming and shooting, without forgetting that they have greater reach, better assembly and more resistant materials.

Nerf has been one of the best selling toys over time, turning home games into unrivalled routines for the whole family, dedicated to creating coexistence between young people and adults, so his designs as a girl and even a woman make him be feasible for everyone’s use.

Finally, it is important to highlight that despite being a weapon, the last thing the company wants is to create inappropriate vices for children, but on the contrary, manufacturers want to create friendly and happy links between the members of a team, develop physical skills and even of companionship.

The 5 Best Nerf Guns You Can Get In The Market

We managed to carry out an investigation, to select the five best options that currently exist, through a comparison and studying some tests, managing to detect the most important characteristics and models according to different age ranges, as well as low prices and good quality. what has been highlighted?

Nerf Modulus ECS Hasbro B1538EU4


The shots of this gun reach a range at the time of shooting up to 27m, you can adjust it to different requirements as it is assemblable with three different forms, despite the great ability it has to launch the darts (10 to be specific) It is a toy of only 2 kg considered very light.

It is perfect for defensive players and strategists, among its accessories has a double barrel, handle, look and grip with a comfortable handle, in order to improve their varied functions. It is not the cheapest, but the investment will be worth it to make your child happy, feeling strong with his new toy; These are suitable for children aged 8 and up, without forgetting that they work with batteries.

This fun machine gun has a stock for precise shots and proximity cannon, your boy can load it manually and at the same time make close or distant attacks, you can also select the stiffness of the impact and the type of bullets you will use.

It has a weight of 1.2 kg and elongated design, has four types of very accurate releases; best of all, it can be compatible with other darts that you may have at hand, so you choose the type of function and rigidity of the game.

Nerf Tri-Strike Hasbro B5577EU4

It has a very striking and cute design which simulates a perfect rifle to attract the attention of the youngest, besides that it does not have a great weight in relation to its size, it is well assembled and it is resistant; Its price is not so affordable but the people who enjoy this product have been very pleased.

This team uses a variety of interesting darts, which include 4 Mega darts, 10 Elite darts, 1 Missile and a clip of 10 common darts, this versatility of implements will make you go out undefeated in any war you are going to start, finally we can say that this toy is perfect for larger children.

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Hasbro A9603EU4

This gun, despite being designed for children from five years old and up, is one of the most powerful in the list, it is easy to activate, does not need batteries and responds quickly to controls; Even though the darts come out with considerable force, they do not hit very hard since they are foam, including that it is made with very resistant and durable materials.

It has a double rotating drum, with 12 spaces to shoot without recharging, perfect for sniper, as well as being compatible with other brands of darts; the cost is economic but relative to its quality, making it one of the first options according to the opinion of the users when buying toys like this one.

Nerf Strongarm Elite Hasbro 36033E35

Of all the brands we have shown is the most basic of all, and of course, has a low price, we put it within the options because it is the right one for kids who are just beginning to know and use these types of toys so dynamic and fun for everyone.

It has the ability to launch six darts 23 m away, firing in a fast and burst mode, it is a very sophisticated and durable piece thanks to the good quality of the materials with which it was made, together with all these characteristics we can add that you can also adapt extra accessories to give you better power.

What is a Nerf gun?

It is a toy weapon type, which has small darts of foam extremely harmless, perfect to offer moments of fun for the kids, the boys and girls of the house. They are pistols that have achieved a good track record over time and which have incorporated new features such as, release discs, automatic shot, water, lights and engine, to live a great experience.

What are Nerf guns there?

They can be classified according to the characteristics that they present, the capacity, the size and even the shape of the darts, so if you want to know a little about the variety that exists, read below.


It is the most traditional one there is now, with it you can shoot simple darts using one hand; It is one of the most economical for sale, but it is also excellent because it can be improved with the addition of other accessories, its physical structure is large and similar to those of a traditional revolver.


It has a high price but is perfect for preadolescent boys, has a good reach and its design is robust so it is necessary to use both hands to grab it, the ammunition for this gun is larger and you can incorporate varieties of accessories as sounds and lights.


These new shotguns have the ability to make shots burst type in a short time and with a greater number of bullets, ensuring unparalleled experiences at the time of starting to play, is preferred by boys (males) and has space to place much ammunition.

Evolution of the toy

All these toys have been evolving and responding to the needs of offering better experiences and demands by children with extreme needs to have fun. The market is packed with new accessories for these guns such as bullets, machine guns with batteries, options to be incorporated for Wii and designs with ammunition to colour.

In addition to everything mentioned above also have ball weapons that are usually a little more dangerous, water weapons, with sights, taking into account that some are smaller and others can have giant sizes.

Ammunition, bullets or shots

Among so many models and styles, we also have guns that require different bullets, but that, in turn, need specific ammunition, and their names will show them right now.

Collectable: They are very easy to get in the market, they are known as star-type darts or disintegrators

  • Elite: The most outstanding models of this type are the Mega darts and the N-Strike
  • Suction: Although many of these models have been discontinued, the N-Strike Elite is still available in the market. These guns are of average size.
  • Whistler/Sonic: These are darts that were created to create sounds, it is worth mentioning that they are still on sale.
  • Speciality: They have a variety of prices and are type missiles, arrows and discs.

What you need to know to choose a Nerf gun according to the style of play

These guns are specialized to apply different tactics and games, this will be based on your style of play and the ability you have to master the games, therefore you will be forced to select it with specifications, capacity, size, the rate of shots and reach that counts.

Nerf has been the best companion of all the kids over the past 20 years, during activities and wars of much entertainment between friends and family, today with such a variety of products like this, selecting the best weapon is not an easy task, we are sure that you will want to have them all.

Identify each style of play

Run and shoot

You need to be very agile and have quick movements to always be the winner, if you have these qualities you need a pistol with fast shots and that is easily loaded; Most players need to have an additional weapon that offers you better support, it is worth noting that this is an aggressive game and you need to have an effective response capability.

Defensive game

For this it will be important to have the help of heavy artillery and machine guns, this type of players do not see many moves necessary, since they consider that it is the best strategy to defend against the opponents, while at the same time they protect themselves from being attacked, they only activate the weapon when they consider it necessary.

Sniper strategy

For this type of strategy, it is important that you have good marksmanship and a lot of patience to shoot at the right time, the ideal thing is to find the perfect hiding place where you have all the opposing team in sight and you will not be affected during the battle.

If you prefer to play outdoors, you can count on wide-ranging rifles for snipers, which have excellent accuracy and good long-range range, if you have weapons like these, do not worry! You already have the victory in your hands.

Versatile player

This type of player can cover any position during the battle, has the ability to get the most out of all the weapons; has the ability to be a good runner and have the agility to jump.