Best Nerf Guns For 8 Year Old

Best Nerf Guns For 8 Year Old – Spring, summer and autumn are the best dates to play with Nerf. While it is true that rubber bullets allow us to play inside and outside the house all year. But the good weather is appropriate to organize games with the Nerf in parks and gardens. Gincanas and battles between several players with which, sure, you will have fun. In this article we review the best NERF pistols of both rubber and water bullets, currently available. Nerf Super Soaker maybe more appropriate for summer, and Nerf to enjoy practising marksmanship. Always with the guarantees

The Best Nerf Guns For 8 Year Old


Apollo XV-700

We have a very eye-catching rifle, one of the best Nerf pistols. The Apollo XV-700 is charged by a charger with 7 shots that is connected by the lower part of the handle. This blaster comes equipped with a lock, which prevents the blaster from firing when not in use. The projectiles are round Nerf ammunition , made of high impact foam. They are faster, they aim better and, of course, they do not hurt when they hit.


It is one of Nerf’s newest blaster models. Belonging to the N-Strike Elite series, the SurgeFire fires Nerf foam darts. It is an automatic weapon, which has a rotating drum with fifteen darts capacity. In the most efficient mode, it is capable of firing 4 or 5 darts per second, although this feature can be regulated. If we shoot once a dart will come out, but if we keep pressing, the drum will be activated.


Also a very recent model of the N-Strike Modulus line. In this case, we will load the foam darts from one of the sides, counting on Nerf’s fast fire mode. The magazine has up to six shots capacity, before having to reassemble. It is compatible with Mediator Barrel and Mediator Stock accessories, sold separately, getting a very powerful and capable weapon. It will be perfect to win those summer gymkhana.

Helios XVIII-700

Another blaster of great presence and size, which children love. The Helios XVIII-700 launched under the Phantom Corps line has many similarities with the Apollo XV-700. The difference is that it is loaded with a bolt, and not by sliding the cover. It includes a trigger lock safety system and shoots high impact foam Nerf balls. It is loaded by the bottom part of the handle; up to seven shots with a single charger.