Best Nerf Guns For 5 Year Old

Best Nerf Guns For 5 Year Old: One of the newest and most interesting models. Perfect for gymkhana or to defend against a zombie invasion. The Zombie Strike RevReaper includes a 10-dart charger; Zombie Strike darts in green, compatible with the rest of the Nerf darts. Includes security system and the charger is connected to the top of the rifle. It is a very unique recharging system, available only in two more Nerf models.

Best Nerf Guns For 5 Year Old



We started with the most interesting models for summer, one of the best Nerf water guns. To soak the whole family and friends! Belonging to the Nerf Super Soaker line, the Soakzooka is the perfect weapon to literally soak rivals. Shoot a large jet of water several meters away. Its size is not a coincidence since it includes a really big tank. In it, you can store up to 1.6 litres of water to shoot. Few pistols in the market include this capability.

Twin Tide

Smaller, but just as effective, thanks to its two shots. The Twin Tide by Nerf Super Soaker includes a more functional 975-millilitre tank. In addition to achieving a good shooting distance, the interesting thing about this weapon is that, with a tank, it is capable of feeding and firing two jets of water at the same time, wetting the rivals much more.


Nerf Super Soaker DartFire is one of the models that simulate the most classic pistols of the brand. The company has incorporated both darts and water shot in a single blaster. Of course, it includes two launch systems, one for water and one for darts. You can change the way you want, to surprise friends and family. At the top, we can see the access to the water tank, as well as an area to store up to five darts.