Best Nerf Guns For 4 Years Old

Appropriate size weapon

The way you control the weapon will be super necessary, taking into account, of course, the size and dimension, this will also depend on the position you have during the game, for example, those that cover the offensive part need small pistols, but if you are in the defensive area will need a heavier weapon.


Amount of ammunition

It is necessary to verify the time and determine an approximate calculation for the consumption of the bullets, as we know sometimes the battle may be lengthened, but always try to have additional ammunition so that this does not affect you or are points against you. In the case of offensive players they do need a lot of bullets, but in terms of snipers do not require many since the shots are very selective.

A good idea is to wear vests and bullets during the game, for it is taken into account the speed you have at the time of reloading and continue in the fight.


The worst thing for the opposing team is that you have a shotgun since the reach of these reaches more than 100 feet, so go ahead!

Double armament

They can be used as support for one another, without forgetting that manipulating two pistols at the same time is of another level; To reduce the impact a bit, we recommend using two light and small weapons, so that instead of being a burden, it is helpful during the whole battle, but do not trust yourself! The fact that you have the support of both does not mean that you have the war won.


Secondary support weapons

This weapon has to be loaded, so that you use it at the right time without complications, or wasting time, commonly the backing is usually smaller, so that they are easy to transport; the common use for these is when the main gun suffers some inconvenience.

Bow and arrow

The arrow has a range of more than 100 feet so it is classified as a very strong weapon, it attacks the opponents silently, besides having a millimetre precision and a great reach, they are super fast.

Machine guns

If you want to initiate a massive destruction, the best nerf gun for 4 years old should not be missing between your complementary weapon, they have a space for 25 darts, it has the advantage of being able to dissipate one dart per second approximately; It has a high cost, but if you are already at a more advanced level you should have it especially if you know about strategies; It is the perfect weapon for when you are at a disadvantage.

Flattened weapons

The positive of these is that you will never run out of shots, but they are not so common for some attacks. The axes or swords are usually robust and perfect to be used as a defence when the offensive is near.