Best Nerf Gun For 7 Year Old

Best Nerf Gun For 7 Year Old – What Nerf do I buy? This may be the million dollar question since Nerf types are as many as you can imagine and the wishes of the children who will use them are even more.

Some just want to know which Nerf is better, or which Nerf gun is the most expensive to be able to show off in front of friends.


Others, on the other hand, only look for power and distance and for that reason they want to know which is the most powerful Nerf gun, or which is the Nerf with the most range.

You, as a parent, may want to know which is the cheapest Nerf, or which Nerf is the most sold.

On our page we will try to answer all the questions you may have, but we advise you always, given the huge variety of models that are on the market (of which we are going to talk about in the next point) consult the person to which is going to be aimed at the gun or the bow, so that you buy just what you expect, or your gift may touch bone.

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying the Best Nerf Gun For 7-Year-Old

But before you decide to buy a Nerf, we think you need to know some aspects of these guns so you can make a good purchase and that the use of it is as safe as possible from the person or person who will use it.

  • Recommended minimum age: this is a fact to keep in mind before buying a Nerf gun. 
    Many parents do not look at this point when they go to make the purchase, and when they have it at home they realize that, although it is a toy gun, it is too powerful for the child who has been bought. 
  • Many of the Nerf we have seen have a recommended minimum age of 6 or 8 years, but there are others, such as the Nerf N-Strike RaptorStrike Elite, whose recommended age is over 14 years and there are even models that are directly for adults.
  • Size:  to the children who buy a Nerf, surely they are delighted with what you buy them the biggest that there is in the market, but weigh well if this option is the most reasonable.
  • A large Nerf pistol,  if bought for a small child, can be a nuisance at the time of use and is usually one of the main reasons why the gun ends up being in a corner shortly after being used for the first time. 
    Consider the size of the child or teenager to whom you are going to buy the Nerf gun, and consider whether it is worth buying a large Nerf or a smaller and more manageable Nerf.
  • Weight:  next to the size, but it is another of the important things to take into account according to the age and size of the person to whom it is addressed. 
    Some models have built-in belts to hang the Nerf on the shoulder for better handling, but even so, for a small 8-year-old child, it can be difficult to carry more than 3 kilos of weight for a long time.
  • Shooting distance: at this point, along with the following, are two of the points that most interests the kids at the time of buying a Nerf. 
    And it is clear that it is not the same to shoot a dart at 5 meters, then at 50, so the shooting distance is a fact that you have to take into account at the time of making the purchase.
  • A number of projectiles that can be loaded:  and the same with the number of darts or projectiles that are going to be able to load in the pistol, to then shoot them. 
    It is clear that the level of fun of these toy thrower guns is very proportional to the number of darts followed that can be shot with it. 
    To be a toy repeater gun as God intended, nothing like buying a Nerf with charger, so that it is just a matter of placing it and pulling the trigger until the bullets are finished.
  • Use batteries:  look at the specifications, if you do not want to take a surprise when you have the gun at home and it turns out that the child can not use it because you do not have the right batteries to work. 
    Batteries are usually necessary for Nerf multidisparos motorized pistols because when recharging alone they need that little help from the external batteries.
  • Amount of ammunition included in the price: we must bear in mind that it is very easy to lose the ammunition for the use that is given to the Nerf, or that it deteriorates with the passage of time, and we must be honest, It is not cheap to buy it. 
    For this reason, if you doubt between two models more or less equal, with prices more or less similar, it may be the amount of ammunition that accompanies the gun the turning point that leads you to buy one or the other.